Continuous Inventory
Single source management of the distribution of privileged access via real-time, on-demand reporting & alerts.
API Integration
Robust integration with administrator workflows, via a dynamic web interface and API-first architecture.
SecureONE Audit Log
Identify existing audit gaps or risks and easily monitor privileged access for compliance requirements.
Zero Trust Protection
Privileged access on a just-in-time, just-enough basis using two-factor authentication, delivering total privileged access security.
Real-Time Breach Detection
Integration with SIEM solutions enables instant detection of privileged access escalation and rapid response to potential risks.
Simplified Compliance Management
Users operate under one identity - delivering an efficient audit process and greater governance across the enterprise.

The SecureONE Advantage

SecureONE approaches the privileged access problem in a completely new way. First, SecureONE allows administrators to use their own account for activities that require privileged access — never a shared account. Coupled with two-factor authentication, SecureONE ensures that administrators gain on-demand access only to the systems they need and only for the time they need it. This approach shrinks the privileged access attack surface by more than 99%, while also significantly reducing compliance gaps.

SecureONE automatically discovers privileged access across the entire ecosystem.
Just-in-time & just-enough administration, coupled with two-factor authentication
Visibility allows you to see what critical systems are being accessed, at any moment.
Flexibility and powerful workflow that ensures you have actionable insights.

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Discovery. Protection. Compliance.

Three Solutions. One Platform. Watch how SecureONE takes privileged access security to a new height.

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